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About Us

Our company began with the first founding company ( Al Ghaith Co. for general construct Ltd) then (Ghaith Jasim Mohammed Amen Co.) for general trading and medical supplies as a single company, after that a second company have been registered (Ghaith Jasim Mohammed Amen) for general transporting and oil products services... Read More

Group Projects

1. Civil work with it different type for construction of ortified buildings and ordinary buildings and steel frame building .
2. Different types of rehabilitation and re construction work for different buildings .
3.Construction of roads & bridges.
4. Constructions of road junctions
5. Construction of dams and water reservoirs .
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Consulting activities

 The company have an specialized office for animal wealth and agriculture consulting , this office have all the capacity to offer all technical support and advisor for different types of project , also it can provide all drawing and architectural dimensions for any offered work and can work to modify or judge civil work or plans and fins\d error in their plans or construction
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